floorshelf – the no-shelf-shelf!


floorshelf – the ultra minimalist no-shelf-shelf!


my idea for the floorshelf came accidentally as I was redecorating my old apartment in san francisco.  looking to replace my clunky ikea bookshelf for one with a smaller footprint, i was in between and sans bookshelf for a couple of days.  i had stacked all of my books and magazines on the floor, and grew to quite like the look of the stacks, bare and minimalist just as it was.

want to stack your own floorshelf? here are a few tips:

  • play with horizontal and vertical stacks and creating different heights
  • try to keep a light and neutral spin color scheme.  if a cover is too distracting (ie the orange hardcover below), consider turning it around
  • break it up and get creative! if you need room for a particular collection, like room for my micro records collection, play around and make it work!



mini urban succulent garden

hello spring! welcome back!

to me, nothing makes a place feel more like home than fresh florals and plants.  the lush greens, and the sweet subtle scent of my little plant fam makes me so happy each time i glance over at the previously awkward little corner of my apt.  here are some tips to create your own mini urban garden:

  • start by creating different levels with plant stands / stacks of books / misc. props
  • play with varying heights and shapes of the plants themselves
  • mix in art pieces, travel souvenirs, any interesting object that speaks to you (like my dollar store wire basket turned “plant house” )
  • in the winter time, fill your empty pots with sturdy dried plants ( like my eucalyptus leaves) as placeholders until spring time comes!



my mini urban plant fam